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Family Law


I handle contested divorce matters involving all aspects of matrimonial law. This includes divorce, custody, visitation, child support, maintenance (alimony) college expenses paternity, adoptions, annulments and orders of protection. I have been practicing family law since November 1986. My experience in this area allows me to save you money and time in the end. I charge by the hour for contested cases. My hourly rate at the present time is $300.00 per hour but is subject to change. My retainer for an contested case starts at $3500.00 plus courts costs. Emergency matters may be billed at a higher rate either for the retainer or the per hour rate. I will give each client a written contract detailing the exact rate and expected fees that will be charged.


I will do an uncontested case in 30 days or less. The fee for this type of divorce is $1900 including court costs. This requires all the parties to agree and sign all the papers to the divorce. If there is any fighting whatsoever, I charge by the hour. When both parties sign the papers I can complete the divorce within 30 days. My retainer is $1500 and the balance is due within 30 days or the date of your divorce whichever comes first. I can include a marital settlement agreement and parenting agreement for this fee.


There is no area of the law that gives me more pleasure than the practice of adoption law. I CAN NOT find you a baby but once you have one I can speed you through the process of making that child yours. I handle private adoptions, agency adoptions and DCFS referral adoptions. In private adoptions the situation usually arises when on party wants to adopt their spouse's children after years of raising them. Agency and DCFS adoptions are cases where the children are placed with the families and the parental rights of the biological parents are terminated already or can be terminated in the adoption proceeding. The process can be started immediately in most circumstances.